Scalenohedral “Wheat Sheaf” Rhodochrosite from South Africa

buying three kg of a medium i’ve never worked with may turn into a mistake


Louise Bourgeois, END OF SOFTNESS, 1967

simmerdownchild said: Elli you should at least watch the first ten minutes of werkmeister harmoniack. It's so beautiful and makes me think of you.

I will, it seems very very beautiful!


NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center -  View of the Earth on September 21, 2005 with the full Antarctic region visible.

fibromyalgia is the most terrible of my companions. i want to completely liquefy, sink into the ground where all i can hear is dull thumps.


At Hand in Glove . Paris , FRANCE  September 2014 Thanks Olivier for the picture


Utopia (Australia, 2014)


Utopia is a documentary about the past and present of the brutality inflicted on Aboriginal peoples by the white invaders.

While we hate the fact that this documentary is only getting attention because it’s a white male saying what Aboriginal Australians have been saying forever, it is nevertheless a must watch.

(via black-australia)


family dinner / september 2014

Ebony November 1974Model: Grace JonesPhotographer: Herman Leonard

simmerdownchild said: You look so young

It has made me feel so, in a self concious way. Yellow is very uncomplimentary on me.